Sunday, January 17, 2016

BUS STORY # 480 (Shorts 43: Overheards)

Rapid Ride stop on Indian School east of Louisiana

I’ve overheard a lot of things on the bus. Some are funny, some are heartwarming, some are poignant, some are sad, and some are downright depressing.


Fragments of a phone conversation on a crowded Red Line one Wednesday evening: “She’s goin’ away for five years...The guys who hired her were the ones who gave the video to the FBI (laughs)...Her roommate’s got a little bit of a conscience, but she’d never rat her out...No, she’s not a lesbian -- I don’t know why her girlfriend never figured that out...Maybe she will be by the time she gets out (laughs).”


From two high schoolers in a group of four, two boys and two girls, sitting in the back of the bus:
He: “You’re a bitch.”
She: “Don’t use that word.”
He: “Why not? You know you are.”
She: “It’s not nice.”
He: “You’re still a bitch.”
She: “I am not.”
He: “What are you, then?”
She, pausing: “I’m a whore.”
The word “whore” dissolves into a nervous giggle.
It’s been months now, and the exchange still depresses me.


On an only relatively lighter note, here’s another teens-overheard from the F train in NYC from the Dilettante archives of Mike Daisey:
Tween girl #1: So like apparently my brother is engaged.

Tween girl #2: Really? Since when?

Tween girl #1: I dunno, found out at breakfast this morning.

Tween girl #2: Didn't he like just finish high school?

Tween girl #1: Yeah, but she's like still 17 and she's got a two year old so she's way worse off than him.

Tween girl #2: Well is it his kid?

Tween girl #1: Who knows? He's not tellin'.

Tween girl #2: Probably is...what a man-ho slut wedder.


Bus stop bench at Zuni and Washington


Overheard at the bus stop at Louisiana and Lomas:
1st rider: “Golden Corral is giving veterans a free meal for Veterans Day.  Only they’re doing it on Monday, not the day.”
2nd rider (who is wearing a blue cap with ‘Veteran” on the front and along the bill): “That’s good to know.  I think Applebee’s did that last year.  Me and my wife went.  I had to pay for her, but we got dinner for half price.”
1st rider: “What you need to do is to hit the one at Central for breakfast, then the one on San Mateo for lunch, then the one over on Coors for supper.”
2nd rider: “Yeah.  Eat all day for free.”


Overheard during a discussion between two riders disagreeing about just how serious the deflation of the game balls by the New England Patriots really was: “Well, I probably see things different because I’m an old guy. I’m 47 and...” No, son, no, you are not an old guy. That’s inflation.


Bus stop bench at Wyoming and Montgomery


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