Sunday, February 09, 2014

BUS STORY # 379 (The Kiss)

Downloaded from Inspired by design. by busboy4
Downloaded from Inspired by design.

It’s a middle-of-the-block stop, but besides the person getting ready to get off, there is one waiting to board.

The person getting off is a young woman, early 20s maybe, and she is walking toward the front door.

I am wondering why a rider would walk all the way to the front of the bus from the back rather than use the exit door at the rear, especially when she can see there is someone waiting to board by the front door.

He’s a young guy, about the same age, and he steps to the side when he sees her getting ready to exit.

She steps down on the sidewalk and walks past him, to the bus stop bench, where she puts down her purse, a big, black, patent leather thing, and opens it.

He doesn’t board. Instead, he turns in his place and watches her.

I think they are speaking to one another.

A piece of paper flies out of her purse and starts gusting down the street. He momentarily looks like he is thinking he should chase it down, but he doesn’t. He turns his head back to watch the woman searching her purse, now a little more frantically.

I look at the driver. He isn’t saying a word, just sitting there watching the woman ransacking her purse, watching like the rest of us wondering what is going on.

We watch her pull out a pink notebook, open it, pull out a bus pass. She hands the bus pass to the young man, then gives him a quick kiss on the mouth.

He starts turning toward the door, then pauses, turns back, grabs the girl and pulls her close, and gives her a real kiss. ...two, three, four, five...

Afterwards, he boards, slides the pass through the slot, then heads for the back of the bus. Perhaps he’ll look for her through the windows after he passes my seat. But right now, he looks like he needs to be somewhere.


The photo above was downloaded from Inspired by design.


Thanks to PI from right here in Albuquerque for this week’s "Holy Cow!" story: 11 Celebrities Using Public Transportation Just Like You.


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