Sunday, October 20, 2013

BUS STORY # 363 (Sexy)

I board the southbound Eubank bus and take a seat across from the driver. Sitting opposite me is a young woman.

The first thing I notice is the fedora, a dark, short-brimmed model, pulled down low in front. Large convex lenses, smoky and opaque, fill in the face below the brim. Bright pink lipstick.

Black turtleneck, light blue denim blazer. Gray tights. Magenta ballet slippers.

Long, straight black hair hanging like curtains down either side of her face which is pointed down toward the smart phone in her hands. She is totally absorbed.

Sexy, I think to myself.

Which leads me into reflecting on what that means to me now, and what it used to mean to me when I was a young man.

These days, there is no longer a quickening of the pulse, no rush of desire and romance and hope and imagination, a fearsome concoction that can fill a young man’s head with foolish notions which sometimes lead to embarrassing miscalculations, the memories of which will later catch him unawares, and at the most inopportune times make him groan out loud.

I don’t miss all that youthful Sturm und Drang. If someone had told me I’d be grateful for the peace and quiet, I wouldn’t have believed them. Or else I would have been even more frightened of old age than I already was. I’m amused the “loss” turns out to be one of the better trade-offs for eroding vision and hearing, for cranky knee joints and low back catches.

And then, she does something to quicken the pulse.

She suddenly looks up from her phone and calls out, “Wait! I need to get off here!”

“Here” is at the intersection of Eubank and Menaul, already past the bus stop, where we are waiting on a red light.

She jumps up and heads for the door. The driver opens the door, and she darts out.

I see her walking westward down Menaul, still looking at her smart phone. Then she stops and looks up, then starts walking again still looking up towards wherever she’s going.

Can she possibly -- will she -- Yes! She goes to the bus stop, sits down on the bench, then leans forward and looks east for her connection.

A stylishly-dressed young woman using a smart phone app to get around the city using public transportation.


The photo at the top of this story was downloaded from New Girl.


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