Sunday, September 22, 2013

BUS STORY # 359 (Payback)

Easy to Understand Rewards by busboy4
Easy to Understand Rewards, a photo by busboy4 on Flickr.

There are four people waiting at the bus stop.

It’s dark outside, but the bus shelter is lit, and I can make out a young couple, an older guy, and a teenager.

The young couple boards, and the driver shuts the doors behind them.

The woman is already on her way to her seat, but her companion tells the driver there’s two more out there.

“I know,” says the driver.

“Uh, I think they want to get on.”

“I know,” says the driver.

The guy asks the driver what the deal is.

“They swore at me last night, and I’m not lettin’ them on.”

The guy laughs, says, “OK, that’s cool,” and heads for his seat grinning.

Outside, the older guy and the teen are just standing there. They haven’t rushed the door, aren’t banging on it and shouting.

This is not what I would have expected. It is as if they understand they did something wrong, and have accepted the consequences of their bad behavior.

I can’t help but wonder what country they are from.


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