Sunday, January 16, 2011

BUS STORY # 219 (GRH: This Is Cool)

It’s early Wednesday morning on January 12 when I click on ABQ RIDE’s Facebook page and notice a post from January 4: “How many of you have heard of GRH?”

Not me.

So I click on the link and read:
GRH stands for Guaranteed Ride Home. It is a form of insurance for commuters who regularly use alternative modes of transportation instead of the Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV). [That’s “car” or “truck” or “motorcycle” in English.] When you choose to carpool, vanpool, ride the bus, bike, or walk to work or school at least 3 times a week, you will not be stranded should an emergency arise. In case of an emergency, this program gives you a FREE ride to your destination(s)*.
This is cool, I think to myself. But what is that asterisk at the end of the last sentence? I suspect fine print that will make this GRH less cool than it sounds.
*GRH only provides trips within the ABQ RIDE bus route service area.To view ABQ RIDE's service area view our System Map.
Oh, OK. Perfectly reasonable.

So when could I use it?

Examples of valid GRH emergencies:
1. Illness at work or school.
2. Personal medical emergency.
3. Family member is ill.
4. Family member emergency.
5. Left stranded by a carpool or vanpool.
6. Missed the last scheduled bus pick up.
7. Unscheduled overtime after arriving at work.
8. Problems with bicycle.
9. Any VALID emergency.
*Please Note: Use will be limited to FIVE GRH rides per calendar year, beginning on your registration date. Requests must be for rides to HOME from the workplace or school. Ride requests that originate from a residential address will be refused.

That “unscheduled overtime after arriving at work” catches my attention. That’s happened.

“Missed the last scheduled bus pick up.” ABQ RIDE is right: that one is a big concern. I’ve come too close for comfort more than once.

So how does it work?

It's easy, it's fast, and it's convenient!
1. Register with the GRH office (243-RIDE).
2. Dial the quick-ride dispatch number that you will be given when you register for GRH.
3. A driver will be sent to your location.
4. Present your GRH ID card*, or simply state that you are with the GRH program.
5. Tell the driver your destination(s).
6. When you arrive at your final destination, you will be asked to review and sign the GRH voucher provided by your driver. Your ride will be paid for by ABQ RIDE.

*Your GRH Card will be mailed to you upon receipt of your GRH Registration Form.
So how do I sign up?

4 Easy Ways to Register Today!
1. Complete the attached form from the brochure and mail to ABQ RIDE.
2. Fax a completed form to us at 764-3196.
3. Stop by our Customer Service Center located at: 100 1st Street, SW .
4. Register on-line by clicking HERE.
OK. Your guaranteed ride probably won't look anything like the MOV* at the top of this story. It'll probably look more like this:

small bus, originally uploaded by ed penguin.

But it's still cool.

*Multiple Occupancy Vehicle, of course...

The photo at the top of this story is titled “Pink Limo” ⓒ All Rights Reserved and is posted with the kind permission of tipper *. You can see this and all tipper *’s photos on Flickr at: http:/

The photo at the bottom of this story is titled "small bus" and is posted with the kind permission of ed penguin. You can see this and all ed penguin’s photos at:


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