Sunday, August 08, 2010

BUS STORY # 196 (The Good Driver)

Kamdyn The Bus Driver, originally uploaded by TotalPhoto (Leon).

Lilly* has just paid her fare and wished the driver a good morning. And he’s just wished her a good morning back. And that is all it takes.

Lilly’s facing the rest of us when she announces, “Ooh-whee! We got the good driver this mornin’!”

She doesn’t let taking a seat stop her from going on about how much better today’s driver is than that other old grumpy guy. Ain’t no way to start a morning with all that grumpiness, no sir. You need to start the day right and it’ll carry you all through your day.

She has found a kindred soul in the seat just in front of her. He adds she’s right about that. You start your day with a smile, and you’ll be smilin’ all day. But you start your day with a grumpy old frown and that’s the way your whole day will be.

Lilly says if you start your day grumpy, you’ll make everybody you meet grumpy.

The two of them keep escalating the call and response until the guy says you’ll end up so grumpy your dog’ll bite you when you come home. Lilly cackles at this one.

My seatmate looks at me and says, “Well, it’s Friday.”

Meanwhile, the driver looks at the woman sitting across the aisle and asks her if she knows who the grumpy guy is. She has no idea. All she knows is he’s the good driver.

Real name changed.

The photo at the top of this story is titled “Kamdyn The Bus Driver” and is posted with the kind permission of TotalPhoto (Leon). You can see this and all TotalPhoto (Leon)’s photos on Flickr at:


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thanks, it got my day off to a cheerful start.

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