Sunday, November 15, 2009

BUS STORY # 159 (The Tip)

We’re on the 50 coming from the airport.

Up front, sitting just behind the driver, is a well-dressed older lady in a fine, broad-brimmed straw hat and sunglasses, with a carry-on bag next to her and a two-stage suitcase on rollers nearly blocking the aisle in front of her. I figure she just flew in and she's not from here. When we cross Gibson, she leans forward and says something to the driver.

“I’ll drop you right at the front door,” he replies.

And he does. The stop is right in front of the Marriott Residence Inn.

“There it is!” she says, delighted.

She gets up and starts wrestling with her luggage. The driver jumps up and sends her down the stairs with her carry-on. Then he turns to her luggage.

He grabs the handle on the smaller second-stage bag and it lifts right off. “Uh oh,” he says, and we all laugh. He puts it back on, and I can hear the woman say “by the handle.” He grabs the pull handle and lifts the whole thing down the stairs and sets it on the sidewalk for her. Then he gets back in and we take off.

Down at Central, just about everyone else gets off. I’m in the line of riders from the front of the bus exiting through the front door. Just ahead of me is a guy who’s a semi-regular. He stops by the driver and tucks something in his hand. The driver looks up.

“It’s for helping the lady with the bags,” he explains on his way out the door.

I’m up by the driver now and see a rolled-up bill in his right hand.

“Thank you,” he calls out the door.

The guy just waves back and keeps walking.

Thanks to Bus Chick in Seattle for this week's featured link: Two Weeks Ago In: Slate.


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That's a nice one. Thank you.

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