Saturday, July 05, 2008

BUS STORY # 90 (Shorts 6)

So: Is it OK for ABQ RIDE to promote “Dump the Pump” and “Strive Not To Drive” campaigns in order to decrease pollution and traffic gridlock, but to accept advertising from dealerships promoting the purchase of personal vehicles which contribute to pollution, traffic gridlock, and a bypassing of public transportation? Inquiring minds want to know . . .


On the homebound Rapid Ride, at the Louisiana station, a group of riders boards. As the driver is about to close the doors, a guy boards and holds up one finger to the driver. “Un momento.” He’s wearing oversized jeans, an oversized Chicago Bulls jersey, and a red baseball cap sideways. He moves quickly down the aisle to where one of the young women who just boarded is talking on a cell phone. There is an exchange which suggests a domestic dispute. His Spanish doesn’t sound local. The driver calls back, “Let’s go.” El vato raises his index finger once again, then turns to another young woman across the aisle. “What’s going on?” calls out the driver. “He wants to borrow my cell phone,” the first girl answers. “Let’s go, driver, I don’t want to miss my connection,” calls out another passenger, echoing my concern. “Hey, buddy, get off now or we’re leaving,” calls out the driver. El vato continues importuning the other young woman who I can now see was also on her phone. The driver closes the doors and starts to pull out. El vato moves to the doors. The bus stops, the doors open. El vato turns back to the passengers. The doors close, the bus starts again. El vato runs to the doors and starts rattling them. The bus stops, the doors open. El vato gets off. I make my connection at Lomas and Wyoming.


Overheard on the inbound Rapid Ride between Nob Hill and UNM: First rider: “So my grandfather calls me and says, ‘Don’t do it, bro. Everybody knows you’re coming and you’re gonna end up doing time.’ So I lay low, you know, and he comes round and pays up. Just like that. So how about you, bro?” Second rider: “I had heart surgery.” First rider: “Heart surgery? What for? Second rider: “I dunno. I just got out last week.” First rider: “You look good, bro. You look really happy.”


Thanks to John in the DukeCityFix ABQ Bus Riders Forum for this week's This Week In feature.


Anonymous Pete said...

Hey, Busboy, speaking of Duke City Fix, Joan picked up on the car advertising on the bus back in April. Check it out:

8:54 AM  
Blogger Busboy said...

Dang, Pete. And here I thought I was the only person in Albuquerque to pick up on this.

8:59 AM  

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