Sunday, April 13, 2008

BUS STORY # 79 (This Week In:)

This is the seventh and, currently, last link featured on the Bus Stories blog. Unlike the previous six links, this link has no permanent site address. It changes weekly, and where it links depends on where the story is. It usually posts as “This Week In,” but on any given week it could post as “This Week (Last Year) In” or “Last Month In” or “A Long Time Ago In: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” – you get the idea. This week it happens to be “This Week (A Year Ago) In: Wolverhampton, England.”

I’m indebted to a good friend up in the Boston area for providing the inspiration for this link. When I began riding the bus a couple of years ago, Bob began sending me clippings of bus-related stories from the Boston Globe or Herald or the New York Times (or the late, great Weekly World News). A particularly fine article in the NYT about the restoration of the St. Charles streetcar line in New Orleans prompted me to find a way to post this and other stories.

I’ve found stories ranging from no-fare, solar-powered buses in Australia to speed-dating Valentines buses in Arizona, from glow-in-the-dark bus wraps in Atlanta to a bus driver in Germany who ordered a rider off his bus because her sexy top was distracting him from his driving. There’s a wonderful world of bus stories out there, and I take pleasure in sharing them with others as well as enjoying them myself.

Since adding this link in January, I’ve been developing my search skills. But I certainly welcome suggestions. Please feel free.

Next week: back to some Albuquerque bus stories!


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